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Our philosophy is if you like the service you will continue, so we do not have any contracts or commitment, you strictly pay per lead. We do not require any set up fee and our annuity leads retail for $60 each. In addition, although there will be few, if you do get a lead that is bad just submit it for credit from within your account and it will be credited!

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800-860-4996 ext. 104

No Contract or Set Up Fee

There is NO contract or set up fee - you strictly pay per lead.

List price for leads is $60 - we do discount leads occasionally, so ask!

You Select The Areas You Want

You select the areas you want - first three digits of the zip code system.

Credit for "bad" leads given - there aren't many but if its bad just submit it.

There is NO commitment, so give us a try! To get registered for our annuity leads just call us at 800-860-4996 ext. 104