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Our High Quality Annuity Leads

We know you want to spend more of your time working with clients. The more time you can spend talking to them about the benefits of your annuity products, the higher your closing rates will be. Our role is to get you qualified annuity leads that want to hear what you have to say so you can maximize your day.

Annuity Leads has been helping agents since 1999, thats right we have been generating insurance sales leads for over 20 years. We have the experience to work with you and meet your expectations. Whether you need fixed annuity leads, variable annuity leads or a hybrid product we can deliver. The only thing we don't offer are free annuity leads.

Sample Annuity Leads

Investment Amount: $175,000
First Name: Sean
Last Name: Kahn
Age: 64
Address: 2 Meadow Drive
City: Cranston
State: RI
Zip: 02889
Phone: 401-456-8800

Investment Amount: $240,000
First Name: William
Last Name: Parmeley
Age: 68
Address: 132 Kemper Drive
City: Houston
State: TX
Zip: 77023
Phone: 832-631-9067

Investment Amount: $125,000
First Name: Gloria
Last Name: Fontes
Age: 74
Address: 2134 Coconut Way
City: Clearwater
State: FL
Zip: 33755
Phone: 727-232-6598

We generate our leads from high quality, targeted web properties we own.